#OOTD July

I don't want to be that person who's all like, "taking photos of yourself is harrrrrdddddd you guyzzzzzz." But often, life seriously gets in the way of such a simple task. Weather is a factor, obviously, but some days I run out of natural light before I can snap a pic. Some days I don't have time to do a full shoot, or I forget my camera at home. A lot of times, my hair looks terrible or my outfit doesn't seem particularly "blog worthy" and I just skip it. Or it's a repeat that's been on the blog already. Or it just wasn't quite right.

Nobody expects you to take a photo and blog every outfit you wear, of course. However, that sets you up for occasional comments from people saying, "I NEVER see you in the same thing." Even my friends are guilty of accusing me of never wearing anything twice. The fact is, no one sees you every single day. Not even my husband sees what I'm wearing some days, because he'll leave before me and I'm in loungewear by the time he's home.

SO HERE'S THE DEAL. I'm committing to photograph my outfits every single day in July. This is for a few reasons: 1) It'll force me to put in effort every day. 2) I've actually been wearing some seriously cute stuff to work that I just don't get a chance to photograph. 3) It'll start a great catalog of summer wear for me. 4) An outfit doesn't have to be in a perfect photo to be an outfit idea.

A lot of these photos will be taken on my phone, just a quick snapshot of what I'm wearing. Some of the best will be blogged as usual. I'll post a few on Instagram or Snapchat, probably. At the end of the month, I want to create a big round up of every outfit I wore in July so you can see what I wear on the days I don't blog. All of the photos here are never-before-seen outfits I snapped on my phone but never put anywhere! In the future, I'd like to do a round up post like this at the end of the month.

If anyone is interested in cataloging the lost outfits of the month, the non-blogged and the every day gems, I'll host a link-up at the end of the month and you can show your collection for July. Also feel free to tag any photos on Instagram with #OOTDJuly and we'll see if we can't get something going.

AJ Wears :: Another Vest

You guys, Forever 21 is KILLING it with vests right now. We broke up for a while because everything there was Phoebe Buffay meets Blossom mixed with someone's acid trip, but we've made up after my last few vest purchases. I've mentioned before that vests are my summer survival piece for work; they add the visual interest to a plain outfit without the extra heat of a blazer or cardigan. Plus, this one's long. You know how much I've been loving that lately.

Vest, Forever 21 (exact).
Top, Old (similar from Nordstrom).
Pants, The Limited (exact).
Heels, ShoeDazzle (exact).
Bag, French Connection (similar from XXI).

AJ Wears :: A Grey Leather Skirt

Wearing a leather skirt in Summer, even a faux one, was a little ambitious. "A skirt is a skirt!" I thought to myself as I got dressed this morning. As it turns out, no. A skirt is NOT a skirt when it's created to be a tiny sweatbox, and any skirt is definitely not acceptable when it's 97 degrees outside. Sacrifice for fashion! We'll call it sacrifashion.

Top, J.Crew (similar from WHBM).
Skirt, ASOS (exact).
Necklace, Versona (similar from Nordstrom).
Shoes, Parfois (exact in pink // similar from ASOS) .
Bag, Barbara Bui (similar from JCP).