Faking Fall :: Layers + Legs

All this week, I'm doing "transitional" outfits. It's still mid to high 80's here most days, so we have to hold out on the full fall garb. There's no reason that you can't "fake" fall though, with the right colors, combinations, and pieces. Today's study: Layers + Legs. The idea is that you can layer up on top with a light long-sleeved option, but stay cool by letting your legs hang out.

So what makes it fall-ish? Stick to pieces in more muted, fall-like tones (olive, burgundy, mustard, etc) and add booties or suede pumps instead of sandals. I even fall-ified a LWD by throwing this jacket over the top. How many times can I say fall in this post? Fall. Fall. Fall. That many, apparently.

Jacket, JustFab (exact).
Dress, ASOS (exact, on sale! $13!).
Booties, ShoeMint (similar from Macy's).
Bag, Alexander Wang.
Necklaces, BaubleBar & c/o Our World Boutique.
Watch, c/o JORD (exact).

And here are a couple of other Layers + Legs options from my archives!

This week, we'll also explore other "Faking Fall" ideas including scarves, vests, and boots! Linking up with Walking in Memphis in High Heels for Trend Spin today.

How to :: Care for your clothes (and save time!)

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One of the most important things when you start spending more money on your clothes is making sure you take the time to take care of them. It can be time consuming, that's for sure! I have a few tips for how I care for my clothing, and then I'm going to share my little secret for getting more laundry done, faster - just by switching fabric softener.

1. Don't wash with every wear.
The exceptions being, obviously, socks and underwear. But washing your clothes when they don't need it can result in unnecessary wear and tear! If it doesn't smell weird, and it doesn't have a stain, back in the closet it goes. I like to mist mine with a light fabric refresher before I put them back in my closet.

2. Always hang right away (no piles!) and use grippy hangers.
It's hard not to leave a pile on a chair when you de-robe for the day, but hanging clothes immediately after wearing can save you time in the long run. First, there are less wrinkles to combat, and not having to iron means saving your fabrics from excessive heat. Secondly, using grippy, no-slip hangers like the Huggable Hangers keeps your clothes from developing weird lumps and bumps in the shoulder areas. I can even hang my sweaters now! Plus, it leaves more room on the hanging bar, so your clothes aren't smashed all together (so no wrinkles!)

3. Always follow tag instructions.
This seems simple, but it can be easy to skip when you're in a hurry! Always wash with like colors, right temperatures, and like fabrics. I read all the tags when I'm pulling things from my basket and then separate into piles of similar washing instructions. Then, I wash everything inside-out to reduce fading and pilling!

4. Use Suavitel to cut your drying time. Finally - save time with Suavitel. Just drop a cap-full of this stuff into your washer's fabric softener section and enjoy 30% faster drying times, for 82 loads. Seriously! I did my own experiment with a pair of jeans, and set up a GoPro camera to capture the evidence. Every 60 seconds, it took a photo. Guess what? The whole process was done in less than 20. We all know how hard it is to dry jeans!

Suavitel is easy to find, too. You can pick it up in the fabric softener section of your local Walmart, next to all of the softeners that DON'T make anything dry faster (no pressure). What did I do with all the free time I saved doing laundry? Well, I updated my blog. I took a few Lynda.com courses. Made a stop-motion video of my laundry. And I played with my pug. All good uses of an extra few minutes!


So tell me...what would you do with YOUR extra few minutes you didn't have to do laundry?

Two Years & Counting with Target

Tomorrow, my husband and I celebrate our two-year anniversary. Hurrah!

Honestly, being married totally rocks. It's WEIRD, don't get me wrong - currently my husband is singing the first chorus line from "Hooked on a Feeling" over and over again while he gets ready. Any time you have to mix two lives into one household, stuff gets totally weird.

Life after "I do" is fun, though. I remember how fun it was to unpack all of our wedding gifts for the first time in our new house and put them to use, cooking dinners together and drinking wine on the patio out of fancy Riedel glasses (I know, so booshy). So it's just a coincidence that my anniversary falls on Target asking me to highlight more awesome registry items, and I'm featuring one item we've used on a weekly basis!

The Pyrex Set - I know, I know. You were hoping for something more exciting. But seriously, these are little workhorses in the kitchen! Bake a casserole, brownies, whatever you want and then pop the top on the leftovers. It makes for a clean kitchen - less dishes, and easy to store - and a clean fridge too! To make the set a little sexier, dress it up with other Target registry items. I have a couple of ideas for you...

Idea #1: Dinner for Two! Add a few pasta and casserole starter boxes to the bundle, and you've helped the couple put together their first few meals. Get really creative and add two fun dishes to the bundle so they have everything they need.


Idea #2: The kitchen casserole essentials. Measuring cups and wooden spoons will equip the couple with the tools they need to casserole together. I prefer wooden spoon sets to metal because they don't have that awful scraping sound when you use them - particularly helpful with teflon, so you don't scratch the pan. And a nice set of measuring cups is something they'll use while baking brownies together forever. FOREVER BROWNIES.

And just because Target loves you guys, they're giving away a $25 giftcard to use on your registry, someone else's, or just a bunch of socks. Your call! I'll pick a winner on Friday.

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