AJ Wears :: Overalls and a Blazer

I fell in love with this Rag & Bone jacket this week and then had a near heart attack at the $600 price tag. After a few days of obsessing and searching, I finally found an alternative at Banana Republic that ended up being 1/5th of the price! I love the internet.

In other news, I wear these overalls almost every weekend. They are perfect for sneaking extra brunch and I love them.

Overalls, Current Elliot (similar from Alloy).
Tee, The Limited (similar from Joe Fresh).
Jacket, Banana Republic (exact - I went with petite).
Loafers, Zara (exact).

More times I wore overalls:

AJ Wears :: A Dolphin Hem Skirt

Fins up for dolphin hems! I'm really feeling this sporty trend. Who wouldn't want a skirt that's longer in the back? Since I fully committed to the sport style on bottom with sneakers (another trend that my old woman feet and back love), I dressed it up a little on top with a blazer and structured bag. This is the second time I've worn this outfit, actually. The first was to brunch, proving that it is the ultimate work-to-weekend getup. 

Actual photo of me on the phone. BB decided to call me while I was taking photos to ask if I wanted to go to his parent's house for spaghetti. I said yes. I included it because I accidentally snapped a photo that I managed to almost look cool in. It's a rare event.

Skirt, Forever 21 (exact).
Tee, Everlane (love these - have this one in black and grey too!).
Blazer, Asos (similar from Missguided).
Sneaks, Nike (these seem close).
Bag, c/o Gregory Sylvia (exact).

AJ Wears :: Maroon Pants

I've been on the hunt for a pair of red pants in a cranberry or oxblood.

These are not those pants. The Limited is calling them "red," but I find they skew much more purple-ish, like a deep mauve. I made the same mistake with a pair of pants from J.Crew a month or so ago, so now I have TWO pairs of pants in this dreamy color. I don't mind the mistake, though;  When I saw this pair hanging next to this camisole, I immediately envisioned them like this:

Also, lets talk about the fact that they have pockets, but they ZIP. UP. That way, you can use them if you like or zip them up and avoid the dreaded pocket hips. I'm a fan.

Pants, The Limited (exact).
Camisole, The Limited (can't find online - recent in stores).
Blazer, J.Crew (similar from Factory).
Shoes, Forever 21 (similar from F21).
Bag, Coach via Poshmark (found an exact on Amazon! Get it!)