AJ Wears :: Floral Shorts

Behold, the compliment shorts. No matter where I wear these things, someone stops me to compliment them. I'm not sure why I wear anything else.


Funny story about these shorts, though. They were almost the shorts that weren't. I had to make an exchange with Trunk Club and told my stylist she could toss some other stuff in there for me to check out. It was a particularly busy week so I didn't really get to do a full try-on and blog post, but the morning I was boxing everything up I picked up this bag and said, "Oh, this is a cute print. Are those shorts?" Mr. AJ and I are literally about to walk out the door and I ran to the bedroom to try these on. He was watching me try to shimmy into these shorts saying, "You're never gonna get those on." Which only made me shimmy harder because DARNIT I KNEW THEY'D FIT.

They just needed a little coercion. I was in a hurry, after all, and elastic is a stubborn beast. I took one look in the mirror and said, "Okay, those are cute," before tossing them aside and taking the rest of the trunk down to be picked up. 


Long story longer, they fit, this was a great impulse buy, and I've worn them almost once a week since. They're not super expensive and look way cuter in person than on the website, so I'd give them a try if they have your size (these are the large and I'm a fairly solid 8/10 these days).


Shorts, J.O.A via Trunk Club (exact).
Tee, Everlane.
Shoes, Sole Society (similar from Asos).
Bag, Coach (Edie Style: exact style from this season // second hand // similar for less)

AJ Wears :: A McFanny Pack

Look, I don't have to tell you the fanny pack is back. I've seen people wearing them both ironically and un. Heck, if Gucci is making a fanny pack in leather and calling it a "waist bag" we've reached peak 90's revival. 

And today, I am wearing a pretty sweet fanny pack. It has BIG MACS ALL OVER IT.


Why would one need such a pack? Besides the obvious, like holding your keys and your increasingly larger phones, they are also handy for carrying around a large amount of fries.


Okay, okay, here's the fun part. McDonald's + UberEats sent me this burger swag to promote McDelivery Day, which is coming up Thursday, July 19th. At 10:30 a.m. your time, all you have to do is place a $5 or more order for McDonald's on your UberEats app and you've got a chance to get some throwback McDelivery swag like...you guessed it, this fanny pack. They've got pins, tees, socks, all sorts of fun stuff - but it's first come, first serve and in limited supply so set your alarms now.

I've actually never ordered UberEats before, so we decided to try it out tonight and I gotta say, I'm a fan. It was SUPER fast, and way too easy because we ordered WAY too much food. Check it out, they wrap the drinks so they don't spill.


Way, way, WAY too much food. They have cookies. WE GOT AN EXTRA COOKIE AND I DIDN'T HAVE ROOM.


Yeah I'm way too excited about this. I'm sure it depends on where you live, but our order placed at 6:42 was arriving just around 7:00 and basically I don't see a reason to leave my house again.

So let's recap: Awesome fanny pack - free stuff with your McDelivery order July 19th - and I am an enormous dork.


For a full list of participating restaurants, check out McDeliveryatMcDonalds.com. I got some free stuff for posting about this stuff, FYI, including a delicious Quarter Pounder with Cheese. But the UberEats review was just a random thing I decided to do because I was so impressed with the process. You can trust me, I'm a fry enthusiast. 

AJ Wears :: Wide Navy Pants

Y'all know I love full disclosure. These pants didn't zip all the way up today. So I found a shirt that would cover the zipper, and I went to work, because I'm fabulous and I don't need my pants to zip. I got these pants in NICE, FRANCE, yo. Pretty sure people are a lot smaller there because they only eat cheese and bread or something. Am I gonna let slightly small pants ruin my day? No way, Rosé.

Most people complimented my shirt anyway.


Top, Asos, I think (cute option from XXI).
Pants, H&M (similar from SheIn // decent option from Macy's).
Heels, Cynthia Rowley (similar from DSW).
Bag, Coach Borough (Shop Borough on Poshmark // similar from Guess). 
Earrings, Forever 21 (check in store - i have these too and they're cute!). 

Lol. Sorry everything today is so old.