AJ Wears :: A Funky Cardigan

1. I found my tripod. Things were much more professional today.

2. Several people told me I looked like a school girl today, which I don't mind. I'm a big Gossip Girl fan (not as big as this girl, who based her whole life on Blair Waldorf) and tend to wear funky school uniform type outfits every fall. I also bought way too many headbands when that show was on. NO REGRETS.

3. I need a haircut. This is a shaggy mess and I am one frizz monster day away from just lobbing it off myself. Is it bang season yet?

4. I'm trying to improve my Instagram, but sheer laziness and a lack of fresh blooms and white surfaces to photograph is really holding me back. If I photographed what was actually going on in my house, it would be a table of abandoned podcasting equipment in the corner, a stack of credit card offers on the kitchen counter, a pile of dog toys in the bedroom, and a wine bottle graveyard from the past two weeks (it's been a rough month, OKAY). I mostly just want to smack these girls who have enough time and clean counter space to style a bottle of perfume and make it look like Annie Leibovitz personally took the photos. But, I am trying. There's that. Anyone have suggestions of what they'd actually like to SEE? I really only get momentum on outfits, shoes and when I go to Tokyo.

5. For the first time in a few months, I kind of feel like I've got it all together, but I'm really more concerned about the well-being of my character on Animal Crossing and the career-advancement of my girl on Splatoon than I am myself. Speaking of video games, adult women are now gaming's biggest demographic. Woohoo!

Cardigan, Forever 21 (similar in B&W // similar color).
Top, Forever 21 (exact. so cute).
Skirt, J.Crew Factory (similar from Factory and Imma buy it in grey).
Shoes, Zara (similar from Forever 21).
Bag, Alexander Wang.

AJ Wears :: A Red Dress

Today, I took my photos on a trashcan.

Is this blog rock bottom? I thought my tripod was in the car, but it wasn't. Instead, an old, cheap tripod that literally has fallen into five or six pieces was in the floorboards, unusable. So I had a choice to make: would I continue my terrible blogger streak and give up, or was I going to find a place to prop my camera up and take some photos? YES. THE WORLD NEEDED TO SEE THIS OUTFIT. I propped my camera up on a trashcan in the park with my wallet and my Nintendo DS game case and took a picture of the most inspiring outfit you've seen yet.

A dress, with a vest, and some booties. Look, I'm hard up for some content lately. And for those of you who never thought to put a beautiful cranberry colored tank dress under a vest, you're welcome.

Dress, Runway Seven (similar from Romwe).
Vest, H&M (similar from JCP).
Belt, Gap (exact).
Bag, Alexander Wang.
Booties, c/o JustFab.

AJ Wears :: An Olive Shirt

Oh heeeeyyyy...this is awkward. The last time I posted an outfit I was also wearing a long shirt. I'm not trying to be redundant, I promise. I've worn plenty of normal length shirts in the past few days.

Actually...........this is a dress. But the slit in the front is a little inappropriate for work, so I dreamt up this outfit while in bed this morning avoiding getting up. It's an important part of my routine.

...Also, sorry I was late for work. This shirt took two handheld steamers full of water to get unwrinkled, a was a wasted effort after one minute in the car. Ah, the glamorous life.

Shirt/Dress, c/o SheIn (exact).
Pants, Trina Turk (similar from JCP).
Belt, Gap (exact).
Shoes, CR by Cynthia Rowley (similar from Chinese Laundry).
Bag, Alexander Wang (similar for less).
Glasses, Karen Walker (similar for less from Urban Outfitters).