AJ Wears :: A backpack

I've always thought backpacks were the ultimate cool girl bag. I remember seeing Rumi Neely tote around her vintage Chanel backpack like, 6 years ago when I first started reading fashion blogs and thinking I wanted one, regardless of whether they were in style or not.

Well, now they are. Welcome back, 90's. I stood in Marshall's yesterday Snapchatting my friends a photo of this bag and asked, "How do we feel about backpacks?" I got two YES, one EH, and one "If it were the 90's, sure." That was enough for me to pull the trigger on this little dude. I carried it today and I REGRET NOTHING. It's like a purse you don't need hands for, but that holds everything you need! Mine has a DSLR, bag of chips, sunglasses in their giant case, three kinds of lipgloss, wallet, two sets of keys, and a phone in it! Boom. You're gonna want one too. I mean, I'm not gonna wear it every day, but I'm already thinking of all of the situations where a large hands-free bag will come in handy. Amusement parks! Travel! Day trips! Concerts! Cool and comfort is definitely something I can get behind.


Backpack, Coach via Marshall's (similar Coach style, similar for less).
Vest, H&M (similar spendy, similar cheap).
Dress, H&M (similar).
Shoes, Damienne c/o JustFab (go up 1/2 size).
Necklace, Vintage (similar).

AJ Wears :: A Bow Shirt

Here's another outfit I wore before going on vacation. It was my last day of work, and I was hopping straight into a car after to make a head start on our 7 hours of driving, so shorts! I know August is still a far cry from fall...in fact, we're just NOW getting the temps we should have had in July! I always get antsy once I start seeing boots and cute jackets hit the shelves though, so I try and appease myself by working little elements of fall into my "It's Still Summer" outfits. A blouse in a dark color gives that fall-feel without rushing the season TOO much. PS - I picked up this blouse from Instagrammer @CleanUpCloset. She always finds the BEST stuff at Goodwill, so give her a follow if you're into Insta-shopping.

Blouse, Theory via @CleanUpCloset (very similar but pricey, Love this blue one!).
Shorts, The Limited (exact- on sale in many colors!).
Bag, Rebecca Minkoff (exact in solid black).
Shoes, Zara (cute similar from XXI).
Glasses, Karen Walker (exact).

AJ Wears :: A Cargo Jacket

Well, I had fully intended on publishing this post before I left on vacation last week, but never got around to it! I have approximately zero outfit posts from this past week - I spent most of my time in a bikini and sarong. It was a much needed vacation from both work AND the blog, you know? Rather than stress myself out trying to line up scheduled posts and guest bloggers, I took the week off, and it was lovely. And y'all didn't even notice. I recommend all bloggers take this route, personally. A week off won't kill anyone. Although - TWO weeks off from blogging will kill your SEO rankings.

Jacket, c/o JustFab (exact).
Top, Cabi (similar).
Jeans, Hudson (exact).
Bag, Coach (exact).
Shoes, Jessica Simpson (exact).