Promenade Holiday Gift Guide

Ho ho ho! It's that time of year again. I'm pretty sure gift giving is my love language, so I always put WAY too much thought into gift giving, but I love the idea of finding something perfect for everyone you know. That's why I teamed up with The Promenade at Chenal to help you find something for everyone in your phone based on their favorite app!

You know the one. They've always got the BEST selfies and 40,000 likes on photos of flowers and coffee. Set them up for even more instant photography success with these fabulous accessories!

1. Too Faced Palette (Belle & Blush, $34): Make sure her face is flawless and selfie ready with this all-in-one palette. The girls from Belle & Blush swear by it!
2. "I Woke Up Like This" Mug (Belle & Blush, $28): A girl can never have too many things to take a cute photo of, and this Beyonce inspired mug is sure to get a million likes.
3. Joby GorillaPod (Apple Store, $50): You can't always have a photog with you, so equip your Instagrammer with this handy-dandy tripod. It wraps around anything, sticks to metal, and ensures the perfect picture on the go.
4. Olloclip (Apple Store, $70): This portable little lens is 4-in-1 magic! Wide-angle, macro, super macro, and fisheye all in one. Just pop it on and your landscapes will pop, group photos are a breeze, and you can get all up in the business of some flowers.

Swarm, the app formerly known as FourSquare, is for the world travelers. It's for the friend who's always checking into airports and has the best tips of where to go when you hit a new city. But shopping for the gal or guy who's got serious wanderlust can be a mix of practicality and fun.

1. Patagonia Rolling Backpack (Gearhead Outfitters, $250): This backpack is a jackpot gift for travelers and campers alike. Not only is Patagonia a trusted name worldwide, it can be worn on the back or rolled behind you.
2. Nike Training Kit (Nike Factory Store, $35): Someone that's always on the go might not get full use of their gym membership, but this handy kit has everything they'll need to workout at hotel or home. Bonus points: It'll fit perfectly in a suitcase.
3. Outdoor Tech Tags Wearable Wireless Earbuds (Gearhead Outfitters, $65): These Bluetooth headphones work with any Bluetooth device so bored travelers can watch movies, listen to books and music, or call a friend.
4. Stripe Passport Case (J.Crew, $35): I'm a sucker for a cute passport case, and of COURSE J.Crew would have an adorable one. It helps protect your passport and gives that "Yay! Trip time!" feeling every time you use it.

If you've got a friend that would rather be Pinning than out with the gang, you might know a Pinterest-aholic. The condition is not treatable. In fact, she's probably at home right now whipping up something handmade for you for Christmas, so we're focusing on gifts that would fit perfectly amongst her many boards.

1. Letter Coasters (Altar'd State, $18): It's okay if you're not the queen of homemade gifts (or homemade anything). Trick your friends into thinking you stayed up all week slaving over these adorable coasters. 
2. Arkansas Photo Frame (Altar'd State, $35): Everyone loves showing a little state pride, and this frame will go perfectly with any Pinteresting shabby chic decor.
3. Scarf (Altar'd State, $25): Let's face it, a scarf is the perfect friend gift. If your friend is going to hang with the mad scarf game that the Pinterest fashion crowd throws out, she's gonna need a killer scarf. Thankfully, Altar'd State has plenty to choose from.
4. Water Bottle (J.Crew, $20): You know that friend who has a whole board of healthy smoothie recipes? She'll LOVE this water bottle. Not only is it glass (no pesky BPA), it'll show off those gorgeous fruit-infused waters she's been planning to try all year. 

The Twitter crowd are the social butterflies of the internet. If you've got a friend who's always thinking in 140 characters or less, these gifts are perfect for the life of the party.

1. Phone Zip Wallet (Apple Store, $90): The Tweeters are always flitting from one event to another, iPhone 6 Plus in hand. This Michael Kors wallet keeps the phone at hand in case a live tweeting situation pops up.
2. Kate Spade Cards (Belle & Blush, $20-25): Just because she's famous for being digital doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the analog, After all, with all of those parties and gifts she's gonna have a lot of thank you notes to write.
3. "Keep it Classy" Flask (Belle & Blush, $26): A party girl could always use a little liquid courage for her purse. Besides, everyone knows that tipsy tweets are the best.

Oh, and PS...Beginning November 24th, if you purchase a $50 Promenade at Chenal gift card you'll get a FREE Chenal 9 Theaters movie pass (while supplies last, of course)! You can buy them at the Customer Service Office (501-821-552).

This post is sponsored by The Promenade at Chenal. Special thanks to Belle & Blush, Nike Factory Store, The Apple Store, Altar'd State, Gearhead Outfitters and J.Crew for letting me crash their stores and pick out these great gifts!

AJ Wears :: A Cropped Sweater

My husband got me a gift card to The Limited for our anniversary in September. I made good use of it and bought a couple of blouses and a pair of grey tweed pants.

...That sat in the bag on my dresser for over a month.

It's not that they weren't cute pants. They really were! But I never wore them, and I felt like they were maybe a little too wide for my height, and I knew I'd wear something else more. So I dropped by the mall Saturday to finally exchange them for something I WOULD wear. And there it was. Black, cropped, perfectly practical but a little bit fun. I know, I know, I've got to stop with the black. But I knew I'd wear a black sweater, cropped or not, a heck of a lot more than I'd ever wear those tweed pants.

Sweater, The Limited (exact).
Blouse, Theory via Clean Up Closet (don't follow so I can keep getting the best stuff. Here's a similar).
Jeans, Gap (this year's version).
Boots, JustFab (similar from Mia).
Bag, Alexander Wang.
Earrings, c/o RocksBox.

Day to Night Curls

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #collectivebias #heartmyhair

I love trying out new hair products, and I've been particularly intrigued by the Conair Infinity Pro Curl Secret curling iron. Could it REALLY work and cut down my morning routine? I was going to put it to the test and find out.

Step one: Find it in the store. It was pretty easy to track down at my local Walmart. I was also looking for the InfinitiPRO Q3 hair dryer, which proved to be a little more difficult to find. They're apparently so popular they were sold out everywhere in Little Rock - I had to make the trek out to Benton to snag one! Here's my face after I found it (PS, you can search for inventory at your local Walmarts online):

Gang's all here! So step two: Wash your hair. This was my most difficult task of the day. Then I pulled the dryer out to see what it could do. It's SO QUIET, you guys. I was seriously impressed by that. It also uses less heat to dry your hair, so it didn't make my hair as frizzy. On the left is what my hair usually looks like after blow drying, on the right is a quick selfie of how it looked after I dried it with the Q3. It was so much smoother than it normally is! My hair is naturally curly, so the fact that it tamed my curls without a round brush (I just used a Conair Velvet Paddle Brush to detangle a little) so well is impressive.

So basically, it feels like a salon quality dryer that's more affordable and easier to find. Moving on to step three: Let's bust open this Curl Secret and see what it can do. Not gonna lie, it was slightly intimidating at first! I was shocked at how easy it was to use, though. After that first curl, I was hooked! I put a video on Instagram of the process if you want to see how it works. In goes hair, out pops curls. So now, it's time to mess with the settings. You can choose between low and high heat, and between three timer settings. It beeps when the curl is done, so the lower the timer, the looser the curl. I went with the loosest curl setting to create some soft waves for an everyday look.

Fabulous, right? I wasn't sure how it would work with shorter hair but this thing is legit! Once I got the hang of it, the entire process went quickly and felt much less fussy. Next I wanted to do an undo look for night, so I turned up the curls to the longest timer setting. This worked really well and I came out with some killer curls! I decided to pin them to the side with some Conair bobby pins to make a sort of updo for a night look.

This is an easy look to recreate. I just started twisting and pinning hair around the back of my head and then let the hair cascade over my shoulder. Instant old Hollywood vibe.

All in all, I think this is a handy little hair doodad! I can't wait to see how it fits into my morning routine. Anyone else try the Curl Secret or Q3 dryer and love it?