AJ Wears :: A Jumpsuit. With Fangs.

I admit it - Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I LOVE DRESSING UP. Really, I live every day like it's dress up, but Halloween lets you have a little more fun with it. I wore this jumpsuit last night to Rocky Horror Picture Show with a leather jacket and spiky boots, and today I threw a blazer on and wore it to work. How practical is a jumpsuit covered in fangs? When it comes to Halloween, VERY. Because above all, fashion is supposed to be fun, and a jumpsuit covered in fangs is fun no matter who you are. Happy Halloween!

Jumpsuit, ASOS (exact).
Blazer, Zara (super similar from XXI!).
Heels, JustFab (similar).
Belt, Loft.

AJ Wears :: A Striped Dress

Yesterday was one of those miserable yet delightful days where it poured ALL. DAY. LONG. Miserable if you have to get out in it at all, but wonderful because my office window is huge and looks out over the river downtown. I spent most of the day in sock feet at my desk (because rainboots aren't comfortable to wear all day, let's face it) enjoying the rain beating against the window and watching people try to run to their cars without umbrellas. Which was totally fair to enjoy, because I didn't have an umbrella either.

Dress, Love 21 (super similar from Swell).
Trench, Coach (similar from Target).
Boots, Hunter (exact).
Bag, Vintage (similar from Forever 21).

AJ Wears :: A Red Scarf

Last year was the year of the blanket scarf. I remember feeling major FOMO when the Zara plaid scarf sold out. Would there ever be a scarf so perfect again? As it turns out, yes. ASOS has their scarf game on point this year already and I'm glad I went ahead and ordered this one back when it was still 90 degrees. Scarves might be the most perfect accessory. They're easy to take on and off to accommodate for warmer or cooler temps, they add a pop of fun to any ensemble, and they make every outfit just that much more fall.

Scarf, ASOS (exact).
Blazer, J. Crew (this year's version).
Top, MICHAEL Michael Kors.
Jeans, Treasure & Bond (exact).
Heels, old (similar).
Bag, JustFab (similar from XXI).